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Finance your study abroad

As students begin planning for study abroad, the OIR encourages them to carefully select programs that fall within their budgets. Often, budgeting a study abroad program is a team effort, requiring communication between the student, their parent(s) or guardian(s), and the OIR. As students research programs, they are encouraged to select programs that suit their academic needs, but also consider facets such as housing, meals, and excursions. To be successful in financing your study abroad you must:

  • Openly discuss your financial concerns with the staff in the OIR.
  • Select a program that is within your financial means.
  • Research and apply for multiple scholarships.
  • Begin saving now!

A list of several scholarships opportunities and application processes can be found in the link below:

NSEP-David Boren Scholarships

  • Every student studying outside of Europe or Australia should research this grant.
  • U.S.. citizenship required.
  • For additional information speak with a Study Abroad Office Advisor.
  • NSEP was designed to provide U.S.. undergraduates with the resources and encouragement they need to acquire skills and experience in countries and areas of the world critical to the future security of our nation. OIR holds an information session in November of each year. Amount: max:  $10,000 (See website for specifics).

Other Financial Aid

Some sources of financial aid, including most UAFS awards, merit scholarships, and loans, can be utilized during study abroad. Students who receive other types of funding, including external scholarships or awards that require any on-campus activity, are urged to contact the Financial Aid Office for information as to how participation in study abroad may affect this benefit.


“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.”  - Henry David Thoreau


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a passport?
An official identity document issued by the government of your home country. If you are planning to go abroad and do not have a passport, apply for one immediately. If you do have one, be sure that it will be valid for as long as you need it, or apply for a renewal immediately. Having a passport, or having proof that you have applied for one, is now a condition for acceptance to UAFS Study Abroad programs.
What is a visa?
A stamp or sticker placed in your passport that gives you official permission to visit someone else’s country, granted by the government of that country. You will be informed if you need to obtain one – they are not required for all study abroad programs.
How do I buy an airline ticket?
Staff in the OIR will be happy to talk to you about this. Many UAFS students use online sources.
Do I have to buy new electrical appliances?
No. Most laptops have a built-in voltage converter so you will probably be able to use it abroad (with a plug adapter). Most students do not take other appliances with them (or buy a $10 hair dryer at their program site).
How do you get money?
Most people use ATMs to get local currency while abroad. Just go to the ATM and enter the amount of local currency (euro, British pounds, yen, etc.) that you want. Your bank at home converts that amount into U.S.. dollars and withdraws the converted amount (in dollars) from your account.

Studying in Spain

Student Visa to study in Spain

Step 1: Download the national visa application form from the Government of Spain website The Schengen visa application is valid for all types of long-term stay in Spain, including a student visa.
Step 2: Complete the application form. You must select "studies" for the application reason. You need to know your date of arrival in the country, the date your studies start, the date your studies end and your expected address while in Spain. You do not have to complete numbers 24 and 25 on the application as they do not apply to a student visa.

Useful Webpages Pertaining to Spain

  • Information about Salamanca
  • Health and Safety in Barcelona
  • Useful information about Barcelona
  • Common Courtesy and Traditions in Spain
  • Greetings in Spanish
  • Laws in Spain
  • Information about Spain
  • Useful Spanish Phrases

Airline Resources

  • Airgorilla
  • Expedia
  • Kayak
  • STA Travel
  • StudentUniverse
  • Travelocity